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Phyto Effective Skincare Treatments
Hydrating honey bush skin treatment (dehydrated skin)R 360,00
Lipid rich skin treatment (dry skin)R 400,00
Vita-gel skin treatment (dull devitalized skin)R 400,00
Phytic Clay skin treatment (pigmentation/acnee)R 400,00
Vit C skin treatment (anti-ageing)R 410,00
TCA chemical peelR 430,00
Lashes and Brows
Eyelash tintR 75,00
Eyebrow tintR 65,00
Lash and Brow tint & brow shapeR 130,00
Eyebrow wax and tintR 90,00
Price on Request
Heavenly Hands and Feet
Spa paraffin manicure60minR 200,00
Maintenance manicure60minR 185,00
Refresh manicure30minR 120,00
Spa paraffin pedicure75minR 230,00
Maintenance pedicure60minR 200,00
Refresh pedicure30minR 170,00
Cut and fileR 100,00
LCN Nails
Full set nailsR 360,00
2 week fillR 250,00
3-4 week fillR 270,00
Gel overlayR 260,00
Art per nailR 8,00
Full set nail artR 80,00
Repair per nailR 50,00
Silky Smooth Waxing
Full leg waxR 190,00
Half leg waxR 120,00
¾ leg waxR 160,00
Bikini waxR 130,00
Brazilian waxR 205,00
Hollywood waxR 260,00
Underarm waxR 80,00
Full arm waxR 130,00
½ arm waxR 105,00
Full back waxR 190,00
½ Back waxR 160,00
Chest waxR 160,00
Full tummy (men) waxR 120,00
Tummy line waxR 95,00
Face waxR 160,00
Brows/ lip/ chin waxR 70,00
Eyebrow wax and lip waxR 110,00
Eyebrow and chin waxR 110,00
Chin wax and lip waxR 110,00
Body Treatment
Full body massage60minR 330,00
Back neck and shoulder massage30minR 200,00
Back neck and shoulder massage45minR 260,00
Hot stone back and neck massage45minR 310,00
Hot stone full body massage60minR 410,00
Full body exfoliation scrub30minR 200,00
D-age 5 chemical peelR 430,00
Kalahari dermaroller treatment (Client to purchase dermaroller) R 300,00
Slimming (Biominceur)
Semi full body treatment: arms and below chest and knees60-75minR 850,00
Body treatment below chest and knees60-75minR 770,00
½ Body treatment: below navel to below bums60minR 680,00
Bum & legs treatment30-45minR 475,00
Tummy treatment30-45minR 450,00

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